Cloud Accounting

Cloud accounting is everything you’ve heard. On our secure cloud, we provide your company a safe, secure financial platform built with the applications you select, accessible only by those you choose, for one company or multi-company record keeping. Cloud accounting services are accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Multiple users can access it simultaneously, allowing for a true collaborative environment where, for instance, your personnel and our staff can work simultaneously entering the activity and updates for the day via cloud accounting functionality. You now have access to view your information in QuickBooks, or other accounting software programs of your choice, from any location, at any time, even as transactions are being entered. No more sending QuickBooks accountant copies; no more backing up and restoring information in order to share information; and no more waiting for others to pass along information. When utilized with our Controller program, your books will be current at the end of each day.and they have the ability to handle intercompany or multi-company record keeping.