Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

As your company grows, so do those bookkeeping headaches. It’s time to let people who really love doing the books handle your financials. Our Bookkeeping service is the answer. We make sure bank accounts are reconciled and in balance; all escrow funds, accounts, checks and disbursed funds are properly accounted for; Federal, state and local tax projections are prepared based on the proper financial information; and more. Now, you simply review the information we compile in an accurate and complete monthly financial report that is delivered prior to the 15th of every month. Further, if you prefer, we can reduce travel costs, periodic file transfers and scheduling concerns by accessing your information remotely.

Accounting Services include:

Receive/Collect Mail

Record Transactions

Make Deposits

Pay Bills

Wire Transfers

Invoice Statements

Record Payroll

Reconcile Expense Reports

Reconcile Bank Statements

Pay taxes

Calc & Pay Sales Tax

Controller/ CFO Services include:

Manage Fixed Assets

Monthly Close of Financial Statements

Checking Analysis

Creation of Financial Statements


Workmen’s Comp Audits

Cloud Hosting


Cash Flow

Strategic Planning

90 Day Game Plans

Semi-Annual Update

Annual Update

Life Insurance

Succession Planning

Other services include:

Record Management


Software Choices

Tax Prep

Policies and Procedures