Meet The Team

We know what you want in your team. You want a resource that thinks like a partner in your financial matters. You want someone who will be around all year, not just at tax time or when you have an issue that needs to be dealt with. You want to be able to pick up the phone and talk with a professional who knows exactly what’s happening, and how your financial matters have been appropriately addressed.

The team of professionals at Holsinger specialize in planning, collaborating, and gaining a true understanding of your business – and then providing the flawless execution of compliance tasks like auditing and taxes, as well as opening your eyes to new ways of thinking about how you manage your organization.

Andy Bianco, CPA/MT


Brian McGoey, MBA

Chief Operating Officer

Kathy Kellogg, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Mary Jo Altman

Tax Staff

Chelsea Bajek

Staff Accountant

Vibha Bhanushali, CPA

Senior Tax Staff

Sue Brennan

Administrative Accounting Assistant

Tracy A. Byrnes, CQBPA

Senior Accountant/Quickbooks Advisor

Larry Diday, CPA

Audit Manager

Brandon Durbin

Audit Senior

Nicole Furey

Audit Staff

Melissa Gallagher


Hadzima, April

Staff Accountant

Allison Hullhorst

Senior Tax Staff

Christy Jamison

Office Administrator

Samantha Karcher


Lisa Koch, CPA

Senior Tax Staff

Adam Lewis, MCP

Information Technology Manager

Kelly Madine-Mikan


Nick Mannerino


Marcy Marshall, CQBPA

Senior Accountant, Quickbooks Advisor

Chris Miller, CPA/ABV/CFF

Senior Manager

Jessica Moslander, CPA

Supervising Senior Tax Staff

Jennifer Riegler

Tax Staff

Denise Roble

Administrative Assistant

Brenna Ross

Audit Staff

Rachel Schmiedlin, CPA

Audit Senior

Chrystyna Silecky, CPA, MBA

Senior Tax Staff

Julia J. Stephenson

Supervising Senior Tax Staff

Robin Yost

Senior Tax Staff