Sue Brennan

Sue Brennan


Prior to joining Holsinger, Sue spent 27 years helping to manage a family owned construction business where she was introduced to all aspects of how to run a small business.  She has 5 years of experience working for accounting firms and performing tasks such as processing client work, payroll, and tax returns.

In addition to working as Holsinger’s staff accountant she manages a small construction business with her husband. She also spent two years a retail business owner before joing Holsinger’s team.

 Professional and Community Development

English Lutheran Church, member

4-H, volunteer

Girl Scouts

Tastefully Simple, home party consultant

Stampin’ Up, home party consultant


When she isn’t working, Sue resides in Cranberry Twp., PA.  She has three grown children and a dog named Coal. Her hobbies include crafting, sewing, card-making, and reading.